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The Scarlet-Fever Hospital, Newport Pagnell Road
The isolation hospital was built about one mile east of the village on Newport Pagnell Road, and the site is now occupied by houses on Pagnell Court.
 The scarlet-fever hospital as mentioned in the 1911 census. The photograph probably dates from around 1920. 
 A view through the gates of the site after acquisition by Northampton Rural District Council. The building in the background was originally an extension to the  hospital, but spent most of its life as part of the council depot. In the 1990s the depot was demolished, the site cleared, and a small housing development was built (Pagnell Court). The road in this picture has become the access road to the houses.
Another view of the council depot with the entrance to the fever hospital in the background. Has it been incorporated into the depot?
 An assortment of contemporary views of the remnants of the old hospital site (August 2018).